Woodards Real Estate CashFlow Guarantee

Our aim at Woodards is to build long term relationships with the knowledge that your financial interests are at the centre of all  that we do.

We are not content to follow the real estate approaches of yesteryear. We continually think about and review our business practices to ensure that we remain an invaluable partner to you.

The introduction of our new Cash Flow GuaranteeTM for landlords is tangible evidence of our Thinking approach.

Cash Flow GuaranteeTM provides very real benefits.

It guarantees that you, the landlord, will receive a rental payment on the due date, irrespective of whether Woodards has received payment from your tenant.*

The Woodards Cash Flow GuaranteeTM irons out the peaks and troughs associated with late payment on the part of the tenant allowing you to plan and organise all financial undertakings confident in the knowledge that you will receive your rent on time, every time.


*conditions apply