Alec Stefanoski


Alec Stefanoski


Confident and charismatic with a desire for getting great results, Alec is a dynamic real estate agent who is full of energy, know-how and positivity to deliver a memorable real estate experience. Working in real estate since 2011, Alec has learned from some of the best in the industry and worked his way up to be the success he is today. His youthful nature coupled with his passion for going the extra mile for his clients granted him the ‘Eastern Above and Beyond Rising Star’ award for excellence. Alec enjoys helping his clients with their property needs by giving them honest advice, his in-depth understanding of the local market and a smile that will light up any open for inspection. Behind his jovial sense of humour, Alec works hard and is determined to get the best results for his clients. He gets great satisfaction in knowing he’s exhausted all possible avenues from his buyers to offer his vendors the highest price possible. Alec loves keeping fit, playing sport, having great conversations over a café latte or two and is a proud member of the Essendon Football Club.


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