Donna Turner


Donna Turner

Senior Property Manager

Donna began her real estate career in 1979, long before today’s technology was in place! For nearly 40 years, Donna has worked in many facets of real estate. From accounting, leasing and now as a senior property manager, Donna’s experience is vast and varied. Donna’s Real Estate career actually commenced at the original R G Woodard offices in Camberwell and helped with the manual accounting system being put onto the first “Remington” computer system which was one of the first to be computerised in Melbourne and can see how far technology has come! Donna’s passion is about bringing the right tenant into the right property, at the same time keeping her Landlords informed and updated with as much information as possible. Donna works hard to ensure her Landlords properties are leased with the best possible tenant and at the best possible rent/price. The old cliché stands well for Donna “better an empty house than a bad tenant”. To this day she lives and breathes this philosophy. A strong believer in treating others as you would expect to be treated, whether it be a landlord or tenant is always of the utmost importance, that’s why a lot of her past tenants come back and lease another property from Woodards.


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