Glenn Bartlett


Glenn Bartlett


During the course of a career that commenced in 1993 Glenn has been able to acquire all the skills, techniques and abilities that are required if you want to succeed in real estate. In doing so, he has maintained a relaxed approach that puts people at ease and makes selling a property more enjoyable for all concerned. Calm, patient and honest, Glenn is the ideal negotiator and there are few others that you would want by your side orchestrating the best deal for your property. Glenn's focus remains fixed on providing clients with the highest possible price for their home or apartment and his background of 90% success rate at auction and an abundance of record results for a range of streets and property types illustrate the effectiveness of his approach. Glenn's extensive experience means he is ideally qualified to keep all parties accurately informed, up to date and at ease during any sales campaign - a time that can so easily be stressful in less experienced hands. Glenn enjoys a considerable amount of repeat business and appreciates enduring relationships with many clients. This is the hallmark of a seasoned, experienced operator and is your guarantee of a successful sale.


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