Luke Banitsiotis


Luke Banitsiotis

Property Consultant & Auctioneer

At the centre of my business is a desire to be constantly evolving and developing my skills to stay ahead of the marketplace. Achieving outstanding results doesn't occur by chance, it is the cultivation of the commitment I make not only to myself but my clients. Almost 7 years of real estate experience has taught me that too often the real estate process is over complicated. What usually results from this over complication is unnecessary stress for all parties involved. I aim to simplify the process and provide clarity, which only aids my clients in making informed decisions. Open and honest communication from the outset ensures that you are clear on the path we will embark on together to achieve a premium result for your property. As an auctioneer my style is adaptable to all market demographics. I am an REIV award winning auctioneer, REIV Master Auctioneer and as part of the REIV Sales Agency of the year, there is no better choice for ensuring a successful sale of your property within the eastern suburbs.


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