Nicole Stojcevski


Nicole Stojcevski

Licensed Estate Agent, Residential & Commercial Manager

Passionate and focused, Nicole takes on every challenge confidently and aims to win. If you were to find yourself competing with Nicole you may not like the outcome, but if she’s working for you then you can expect to be swept up by her charisma and enjoy outstanding results. Starting her career in the engine room of VCAT, and then managing a portfolio of investors, Nicole has built a remarkable skill set in a short period of time. One of Victoria’s youngest fully licensed Estate Agents, she has developed a reputation for producing results that has landlords queuing at her door. Results driven, hungry and passionate about winning she is one of the hardest working agents in the industry. There’s no greater thrill for Nicole than orchestrating the perfect marketing campaign that leads to a lucrative and successful tenancy for her landlord. In her spare time, not surprisingly you’ll find Nicole competing, sometimes in the world of calisthenics, or often indulging in her other true passion…. competitive drift racing! Who else would you want competing for the best tenants for your property?


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