Toni Bloodworth-Barker


Toni Bloodworth-Barker

Property Consultant

For Toni, community is key. Growing up in country Victoria and having lived and worked overseas for many years, Toni is in her element helping people from all walks of life. A natural problem solver, Toni’s varied client facing roles over the years encapsulate a broad wealth of knowledge across the business, renovation and real estate space. Toni has lived in many homes and literally moved across the world. She knows firsthand the planning and effort involved when relocating, making her ability to multi task a game changer for her clients. Forthright and honest, Toni understands the importance of connection and empathy throughout the entire buying and selling process. Knowing a home is one of their most valuable assets, Toni takes the time to get to know each client, to truly tap into the outcome they desire. It is Toni’s aim to help her clients realise their dreams.


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