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How to Present Your Home For Sale

If you wish to attract top dollar from the sale of your property, there’s no doubt that presentation matters, particularly in a competitive market.

Street Appeal

Presentation begins from the curb-side. Potential buyers will form an opinion of your property the moment they first lay eyes on it. If possible, engage the services of a house painter to either re-paint or touch up the façade of your property and any fences and gates. At the very least, hire a gurney or engage a professional home washer to hose down the house and make those windows sparkle.

The Garden

Vendors should ensure that lawns are mowed, hedges are trimmed and weeds are removed. Consider replacing sad looking plants with healthy new ones and spreading mulch throughout the garden beds. The less that a potential buyer thinks that they have to do when they move in, the better for you and your sale price.

Inside the Property

A vendor needs to do everything possible to encourage buyers to visualise themselves living happily and comfortably within your home. In order to achieve this impression, here are the things that matter the most:

  • Declutter Declutter Declutter. Unless you’re Marie Kondo and already live with minimal items,  before you even think of putting your home on the market, spend a weekend or two going through each room and removing excess clothing , books, accessories, furniture and paper work. Hire a storage unit if you need to, but this is an essential step on your path to achieving the maximum price for your property. If you find this step overwhelming, your property stylist can assist.
  • De-personalise. The aim of the game is to provide the buyer with an opportunity to visualise living in your home and develop an emotional attachment. We recommend removing those cute family photos, certificates and other memorabilia from your spaces (especially footy and sports memorabilia!) Blank walls can easily be dressed up and styled with artwork and/or mirrors. Your property stylist will ensure that these pieces are selected to complement your home and overall styling concept.
  • De-odorise. Research shows that one of the first things that people notice when they enter a space is smell. Invest in good quality scented candles and room diffusers. It might be worth considering having any carpets professionally cleaned before your campaign commences, particularly if you have pets or cook strong smelling meals at home.
  • Ensure that beds have been dressed with beautiful, fresh linen and cushions. Work with a colour scheme so there is flow from room to room and the home makes sense to your potential buyers.
  • Maximise natural lighting by fully opening curtains, raising blinds, clearing external  cobwebs from around windows and cleaning windows. Invest in some table and floor lamps to add ambience and create more lighting in darker zones.
  • Purchase some gorgeous fresh flowers and/or indoor plants to create visual and sensory appeal.


Selling a property is typically an overwhelming time for most vendors. We strongly recommend engaging the services of professional property stylists to help make your life easier, eliminate the guesswork and potential expensive mistakes during this time. You don’t want to be left wondering whether a relatively insignificant investment in a property stylist was the only thing standing between you and your desire to achieve the maximum price for your property.

Property Styling

After selecting your selling agent, the best decision that you will make while preparing your home for sale is to invest in the services of a professional property stylist. These are the magicians who know how to highlight the best features of your home, draw buyers’ attention away from the least attractive zones and style your property to appeal to the market in which you’re selling. In short, they know their stuff.

Most property stylists have a background in interior design so are skilled at visualising spaces, creating flow through those spaces, maximising space and light, harmonising colour palettes and creating a cohesive aesthetic for your home to appeal to your target buyers.

Property stylist have access to a wide range of furniture, artwork and mirrors, rugs and accessories and the know-how to pull it all together to create a home that will achieve maximum visual appeal at the all-important photoshoots and at open-for -inspections. Not only do property stylists, such as The VM Style Group, supply and install all furniture and accessories, but they will make beds and steam bedlinen, arrange cushions and flowers, style bookshelves, coffee tables and have art and mirrors professionally hung in order to present your home in the best light possible. They definitely add the ‘x-factor’ that buyers connect with.

To see some examples of recent property styling projects completed by The VM Style Group, please visit our website and Instagram.