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Leasing Presentation Tips

Category: Landlords

Presenting your investment property in the 'best light' is the key to achieving a quick tenancy and at the best possible rental price. Here are a few tips to help you present your property to get the best result.


The first impression of a property (whether it is a rental investment or sale) is the most important. Good 'street' appeal can often make a difference of whether you rent your investment property quickly.

  • Freshly paint all walls and railings (if appropriate) and wash all the windows. Ensure all screens are undamaged and clean.
  • Make sure that the front door is 'clean' and undamaged. Also ensure the house is secure and 'burglar proof'.
  • Ensure that the front and back yards are at their most presentable, neat condition -  lawns mowed and hedges, overgrown plants & overhanging trees are trimmed and pruned. Get rid of all cracked and broken plant pots and pull up weeds and dead plants.  
  • Put away all tools and equipment. Ensure  bins are emptied and cleaned/deodorised. 
  • Clear out the garage/car port and garden shed, as tenancy laws require an empty, clean property.


  • Remove all clutter - Tidy up throughout the property.  Ensure it is empty and uncluttered. 
  • Thoroughly clean, particularly the kitchen and bathroom.  These two rooms are often the deciding factors in whether a tenant will show interest in a property. 
  • Finish all the small jobs around you have been putting off, for instance oil door hinges, repair any dripping taps, or repaint any chipped paintwork. Make sure all the lights work and replace any faulty bulbs or switches. (This is required by tenancy law).
  • Make sure that the property as a whole is aired and smells attractive - for example, get rid of any animal odours, cigarette or food smells from inside the house.
  • Finishing touches are important - think of ways to brighten up the property, for example making sure that all the mirrors and windows are clean, as well as blinds and curtains. Fresh flowers will make a perfect finish.

Apart from giving your tenants a good incentive to look after the property, photography showing a clean home with lots of natural light will attract the right sort of interest and assist in the marketing of your investment.