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Some Fathers

I don’t actually call my Father Dad, or Father for that matter. I call him ‘Cacci’ (pronounced Cha-Chi), a term of affection which originated in response to him calling me Ciccio (pronounced Chi-Cho). It was only later in life that I found out Ciccio was colloquially used in some dialects to mean ‘chubby.’ Turns out it is also used to mean dear, sweetheart or something similar to ‘buddy.’ I hope that is what my Father was thinking, buddy. If you haven’t guessed yet, my Father is Italian, having come here with his parents as one of the more than 350,000 Italian migrants who did the same between 1949 and 1970.

As Father’s Day comes and goes for another year, you, like me, may not be able to see your Father in person. Like the long distance between hemispheres, we feel so distant…

Luckily for us, at Woodards, we love our technology, and will be firing up our computer, laptop, tablet or mobile, Zoom-ing, Microsoft Team-ing, WhatsApp-ing and Facebook Video-ing. We will be laughing and singing and there will always be someone on mute. This year we will have moments where we wish we were together, but we will know that by staying apart we protect those around us. Those we love and their friends and Fathers. The ones they love and their Fathers too. We can celebrate our Fathers and remember them the right way – regardless of what we are going through. While we can’t do everything we want to – we can do that.

What we can also do is remember that regardless of who your father is or was, we always stand on the shoulders of those that come before us. Some Fathers are new, and we celebrate those precious times you have as parents with young children. Some Fathers are old, and we wish you all the good health, quality life and laughter that you deserve. Some Fathers protect and guide us, providing us with all we need in life. Others, and it is no small few, create challenges for us that we must overcome, through neglect, malice or just ignorance (it is usually the latter). Some Fathers aren’t even our relatives by blood, having taken the mantle our biological Fathers left behind them. Some people even have more than one Father. Sometimes, these are even the best Fathers. So regardless of what your family looks like – Happy Father’s Day.

We have been celebrating Father’s Day with our Fathers, friends & clients since 1921, almost 100 years of quiet meditation and laughter, from one generation to the next. As we celebrate Father’s Day together, once again, we are here for you all and have plenty of Dad Jokes to share.

Woodards CEO John Piccolo & his son Luke celebrating their win & Father's Day !