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The First Impression

How do you make your home appealing from the front gate.

The saying goes ‘a first impression is always a lasting impression’ and when selling a home, you want to make a lasting impression that’s positive.

The fence: Needs to be painted (if timber) to make gardens pop, be free of cobwebs and have all indiscretions, like a broken brick, split paling or cracked mortar, fixed.

The gate: Must swing properly, shut properly and look fresh.

The gardens: The best way to show off gardens and their colour is to give them a fresh layer of mulch.  Cut back overgrown plants to let natural light into the garden. Add garden lighting to highlight particular trees, and strategically add some garden furniture or sculptures to give the garden personality. A flowing water feature helps appeal to the sound sense of the buyer.

Pathway: Ensure your pathway to the entrance is swept and free of mulch or dirt. Light up the pathway, especially if there are steps, so buyers are aware of any tripping hazards.

The porch/entrance: Remove all wire/security doors as they become cumbersome at open for inspections. Have a welcome mat that is both functional and fresh. On wet inspection days, if you would prefer buyers to take off their shoes before they enter your home, have a shoe rack or empty bookshelf to the side so they can be arranged neatly and not become an obstacle course. Dress your entrance with some potted colour.

The front door: Give it a fresh coat of paint, preferably with a bold colour to make buyers remember your home. Conversations will start with ‘I loved the house with the green door’ when reflecting on which house inspection they loved best. Choose a colour that complements the house and becomes a theme throughout the home, even if it’s in removable décor items to provide visual triggers so they are constantly reminded of the front door colour. Have a scented candle or fragrant flowers on the entrance table to give that last great first impression.

Home staging:  Staging can make a home feel open, airy and inviting. Ensuring all personal items are removed allows a home more desirable to buyers because they can see themselves living in your home. Interior designers are quite savvy in creating space, choosing the right colours and making buyers fall in love with your home in ways you would never think of. The investment is well worth it, and often leads to a higher price on auction day.

Buying a home is very sensory, so you need to appeal to the sight, sound, and smell to create the ultimate feel. Once you’ve achieved the desired result, you’ll love your home so much, you’ll wonder why you’re selling it.