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Think it's harder to sell in Winter ?

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Get the mood right and selling during the colder months of the year can reap enormous benefits.  With fewer properties on the market than in the frenetic Spring months, there's less competition and it can be a great opportunity to showcase your home's cosy charm.


Kerb appeal, regardless of the season is a massive drawcard for buyers so make sure your home looks it's best with sparkling windows and freshened paintwork.  While it may not be the right weather to re-paint, you can still wash down paintwork and paving; you'll be amazed at the difference it can make.


Front and back, make sure your lawns are mowed and raked, and flower beds are weed-free and mulched.  Even if there are no flowers on display, well pruned trees and shrubs have their own charm and a well-tended garden announces to buyers that the home is loved and cared for all year round.

An inviting welcome

Think about how you feel when you come home after a long day and what you most look forward to; a welcoming light, heating set to just the right temperature, a pleasant aroma wafting into the hallway.  Give buyers the same experience and the feeling that they are coming home.  If the weather is particularly bad, think about leaving a pot or container at the entrance for umbrellas.  Not only will it protect your flooring but you want buyers to enjoy wandering around your home without having to carry a wet brolly.

Dress for Winter

Cosy up your furnishings with a few carefully placed warm throw rugs.  Replace cushions with ones in warmer tones and update bed-linen with heavier covers, throws and pillows.    If you don't have an open fire, create the illusion of warmth and comfort with scented candles strategically placed throughout the home.

Set the dining table with soup bowls, napkins and a basket of fresh, crusty bread-rolls.  Group mugs with hot chocolate and biscuits on the kitchen bench.   Display fluffy towels and robes in the bathroom to give potential buyers the feeling that regardless of what's happening outside, your home is the best place to be.

Show versatility

There is no doubt certain homes are built for Spring/Summer living with open plan layouts, bright interiors, outside entertaining areas and possibly a swimming pool.  A pool will automatically let buyers know your home will be ideal in summer; your challenge is to highlight, through careful styling and accessories, that your home is versatile, regardless of the weather.

Creating an ambiance of comfort and style in Winter is not that difficult and could significantly add to the value of your home.

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