The Privacy Myth

Category: Buying, Tenants

Ever wonder why a Real Estate Agent asks for your name and contact number at an Open for Inspection and what right they have to do it?


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A Well Respected Landlord

Category: Landlords

A new client asked me recently how they could go beyond the realms of standard practice and become a well-respected landlord.

It makes sense that if you're perceived as a pro-active landlord, you're more likely to attract better tenants for longer and, in turn, improve the performance of your asset.

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Think it's harder to sell in Winter ?

Category: Selling, Buying

Get the mood right and selling during the colder months of the year can reap enormous benefits.  With fewer properties on the market than in the frenetic Spring months, there's less competition and it can be a great opportunity to showcase your home's cosy charm.

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