Adding instant value to your home

Adding instant value

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Spring is the season for selling and it’s just around the corner, which means homeowners are likely beginning the process of preparing their homes for sale.

Renovating to sell can pay incredible dividends, but there’s a fine line between capitalising and wasting money. Homeowners should consider both price and impact when deciding what changes to make.

While prices will vary from property to property, the following adjustments tend to give homeowners more bang for their buck. Making these tweaks could see your home fetch far more at sale time, compared to selling as is.

A fresh coat of paint

Whether it's a total colour revamp, or simply painting to hide general wear and tear, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference to a property.

Choosing a neutral colour increases the appeal of a home, and attracts a broader span of buyers. And adding a feature wall to complement existing or new fixtures can be a powerful selling point. Research colours before committing to a feature wall, to ensure your choice is on-trend and will attract buyers rather than repel.

Dulux releases a colour forecast every year, including trending shades and pairing recommendations. These can help you make a confident decision.

Colours have a tendency to evoke emotion and create an atmosphere, which is often what appeals to homebuyers the most. If you can create a feeling of luxury, ease and comfort through carefully selected shades of paint, chances are buyers will be willing to spend more to secure your home.

Replacing kitchen cupboard doors and handles

Completely replacing an entire kitchen is costly and time demanding, which can take its toll on your wallet and sanity. The solution is simple - upgrade your cupboard doors and handles.

This is especially powerful if your cabinetry is outdated. There was a time when cabinets with glass windows would show off mismatched mugs and glasses, or bold lime green was the choice of paint to accompany lacquered timber. If those trends still characterise your kitchen, it might be time to replace those cupboard doors.

Kitchen facelifts are the genius answer for anyone looking to revamp without forking out tens of thousands of dollars. Companies are seeing the gap in the market and offering this easy upgrade as a mini renovation.

Dreamdoors Kitchens have showrooms in Melbourne and specialise in kitchen facelifts, at affordable prices.

Updating appliances

Kitchen appliances are bulky, and often imposing, so they inevitably play a role in the overall look and feel of the space. Upgrading to sleek, new appliances can have a surprisingly drastic effect, modernising a space with minimal effort.

New appliances like ovens and stovetops are also great selling points for real estate agents to reference when showing buyers through your property. Buyers will feel comforted by the fact they won’t need to replace these appliances in the near future.

Upgrading window coverings

Window coverings are another small way to bring big changes to your home, with the ability to enhance the aesthetic and functionality.

Upgrading dated curtains to modern shutters can add a resort-style look to your interiors, while also being very practical. They vary in cost, but to keep within budget there’s also the option to install them yourself.

Freshening up flooring

Outdated tiles and carpets can really make a home feel drab, but replacing them completely can be very expensive.

Luckily, flooring engineering has forged ahead in leaps and bounds, and there are now options available to suit all budgets.

Laminate and timber-look vinyl flooring can go over tiles and other surfaces, without the need to rip up the flooring underneath. They are both durable, water resistant and don't stain or scratch easily.

Pairing timber-look flooring with freshly painted walls and your investment rental property  or home will look brand new.

Installing new tapware

Tapware has come a long way in the last decade, moving on from the standard white enamel cross-handle taps that dominated bathrooms in the nineties. Now we are spoiled for choice, with tapware and fixtures to suit any style.

Updating fixtures is a fool-proof way to modernise your bathroom without the hefty investment.

Brass and matte black mixer taps are currently in high demand, and slip in well to suit any aesthetic, without the risk of becoming outdated anytime soon. Chrome and nickel are also great choices, perfect against feature tiles or in a neutral toned bathroom or kitchen.

There you have it - six low cost ways to freshen up your home, creating instant added value without the laborious hours and hefty price tags.

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