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Top 5 Outdoor Features Melbourne Homes Crave

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Outdoor entertaining areas

Outdoor entertaining areas

Australia’s love for the great outdoors is evident in the importance placed on outdoor entertaining spaces. Be it patios, decks, or verandahs, these alfresco dining areas become prime spots for leisurely weekends and social gatherings—even better if they integrate with the indoors, further enhancing usability, aesthetic appeal, and market value.

landscaping gardening

Landscaping and garden

A well-curated garden dramatically sweetens a property’s curb appeal, offering a striking first impression for buyers and a serene refuge for residents. Lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and thoughtfully designed layouts reflect people’s penchant for nature and beauty, so much so that gardens can often tip the scales during a property negotiation.

swimming pools and spa

Swimming pools and/or spas

Melbourne’s warm summers and the Australian love for water-based activities mean outdoor features such as swimming pools and spas are highly coveted. These amenities are synonymous with luxury and leisure, serving a resort-like vibe within the comfort of home. Such elements provide a distinct edge to properties in a competitive market.

parks v2

Proximity to parks

Encapsulating the essence of nature amidst urbanity, Melbourne is celebrated for its abundant picturesque parks and public gardens. Proximity to such green expanses signifies prized perks such as accessible tranquillity and recreational spaces, establishing a bridge between intimate home life and community engagement.

Alfresco dining

Vicinity to cafes with alfresco dining

Cafe culture is embedded in Melbourne’s social fabric. Hence, properties within a stroll’s distance to great cafes, especially those with charming alfresco space are particularly alluring. These local haunts become a natural extension of people’s homes, infusing a lively and sociable vibe to the neighbourhood that allows residents to be postcode proud.

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