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Sprucing up your home for Spring

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The cold chill that is so synonymous with Melbourne winters is slowly easing, making way for milder days and happier moods. The wet and flowerless garden is gradually coming back to life with colour and vibrancy. The shorter days are slowly getting longer. 
Yes, that magical time of transitioning from dreary winter to blooming spring is almost upon us. And for those wanting to sell their home, the September, October, and November months have traditionally and statistically been the most fruitful when it comes sales prices and clearance rates. 
If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market during the robust spring months, here are a few tips to help you get your house perfect and ready for market. 
If you’re not a green thumb, become one! 
Your garden is arguably one of your most important assets you have when it comes to your home, and spring gives you the ultimate conditions to have it looking at its best! Whether it’s making sure your lawns are mowed, laying new soil or mulch, getting rid of those pesky weeds, or pruning your rose bushes, ensure that both your back and front gardens are looking immaculate! If you do find your garden is lacking colour, head on down to your nearest nursery or Bunnings and pick up some flowers to add that burst of spring bloom. 
Spring cleaning time has definitely arrived 
No one ever wants to undertake a deep clean, but there is no better time than spring, especially if you’re looking to sell your home. Rather than tidying up the entire home all at once which can be a daunting task, a good idea is to take time over the winter months and go through your property room by room over several weeks, breaking the task down so it is way more manageable. Having a decluttered residence is not only a necessity when you come to sell the property and move yourself, but also helps when presenting the home at open for inspections. 
The smell of success 
Whether it be older carpet, your beloved cats and dogs, or the faint whiff of cooking smell that have been absorbed by your curtains and furniture, there is a chance your home has a unique odour to it. And while that smell may not bother 9 out of 10 potential buyers, that one prospective buyer it does bother could make the difference. Light lovely smelling candles (go for more natural scents rather than overpowering perfume-type smells), use room sprays, or even place some freshly cut flowers in the living room. There are so many different ways of adding a pleasant aroma to your property, which only adds to the experience for prospective buyers. 
Inspect and fix 
All those small jobs you’ve been putting off for months and years, whether that be replacing discoloured grouting, clearing the gutters, or patching up that small crack in the corner of the kitchen, they all need to be taken care of before your first open for inspection. Even before you think about getting your property on the market, grab your phone or a pen and paper and have a walk through and make a list of every small task that needs to be undertaken. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily some of these small tasks that you’ve been putting off for years will take to be completed, leaving your property ready for a spring inspection. 
Check out other open for inspection for inspiration 
This is probably a rule that can be applied for any time of the year you’re putting your house on the market, but it is worth walking through some other properties for sale to get inspiration for how you may want to present your home. You could get an idea for what type of throw pillows you want to use, or what type of spring colours you want to infuse throughout your dwelling. Whatever inspiration you get, it can’t hurt to see what other sellers are doing to make their own home stand out from the crowd! 

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