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West Melbourne is a sprawling region with the Yarra River forming part of its southern border. The west section of West Melbourne is mostly devoted to railway lines container yards shipping docks and industrial warehouse and wholesale activities. The east is mainly residential. West Melbourne's residential area is a dynamic mix of old and new housing community facilities retail and industry. Parts of this area including the streetscapes and buildings have recognised heritage value. West Melbourne's industrial area has access to the airport the wider metropolitan region the Victorian road network and the Port of Melbourne via Dynon and Footscray roads and the Dynon Rail Terminal. The area is home to Coode Island petrochemical facility and Swanston and Appleton docks.

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  • 7.3%
    Population under 15
  • 88.2%
    Population 15 to 65
  • 4.3%
    Population over 65

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  • Rent$388 PW