Switching is easy 

If you're considering your options and want to make a change, we can facilitate the process in a seamless and timely manner.

All we require is your authority to act and we will take care of the rest.

We manage one of the largest rental portfolios in Australia, which means that we're very good at understanding your needs and are always thinking of better ways to look after you and your property. 

Key aspects of our service include: 

  • Careful selection of tenants 
  • Regular property inspections 
  • Regular rental reviews 
  • Detailed maintenance checks 
  • Ongoing training of property management staff 
  • Comprehensive reporting and regular communication with our clients 
  • VCAT representation
  • CashFlow GuaranteeTM (exclusive to Woodards)
  • Weekly "Moving" rental magazine (exclusive to Woodards)

Switching to Woodards is easy - contact your nearest Woodards office and find out how