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Real Estate Restrictions Ease

Further to the easing of government restrictions announced on Wednesday 9 June,  our offices will re-open on Friday 11 June.

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How The Changes To Stamp Duty Affect You

Category: Buying, Landlords, Tenants

The Victorian state government has recently introduced several changes to property stamp duty that all homeowners, homebuyers and investors should be aware of.  How you will be affected and even the concessions you might be eligible for, will depend on what type of buyer you are, where you are buying and the value of your property purchase.

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Real Estate in a Snap Lockdown

At Woodards, we’re all about proactivity and a can-do attitude to ensure we play our part in facilitating your property needs, particularly during the most challenging times.

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What The Federal Budget Means For Property Sellers, Buyers & Investors

Victorians planning to sell their homes and homebuyers are the big winners of Josh Frydenberg’s Federal Budget, with some positive signs for investors.

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First Home Buyers Deposit Scheme

The first-home buyer deposit scheme is about to kick in, but how does it work and who is eligible?  First-home buyers are about to get a leg-up onto the property ladder, with the start of the federal government’s First Home Loan Deposit Scheme from January.

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Ready in a Snap

This lockdown has been called the circuit breaker, and it appears the circuit has been broken. Fortunately for us we were already prepared with the right strategies, technology and contingencies to deal with anything at Woodards. Here is a short summary of what the announcement today means for us in property, and what tools we have at our disposal to help all our clients.

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The New Rental Landscape

There are new rules which take effect on the 29th of March 2021 ( the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act), which are poorly timed and may not have a positive impact on the Melbourne rental market. Coupled with the impacts of the pandemic, the sand is shifting beneath all our feet: Landlords, tenants and property managers alike. It is interesting how we categorise people in this way, when the reality is far more complicated.

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Beyond the Data - What is driving the property market and how to be ready for anything in 2021.

The only constant in life is change. To be able to confidently navigate uncertain times, we need to look beyond the data and gain insights into the drivers behind the numbers.  Everyone is tired of hearing about the shapes of different graphs, some curves we want flattened, while others we hoped would turn V-shaped.

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Rebound or Recoil - What is really happening in the property market?

If it were easy to pick the bottom of the market, there would be no bottom. People would all be waiting to purchase all at the same time, there would be a spike in competition and an upwards pressure on prices; no more dip, no more bottom of the market.  The opposite is also true; if it were easy to pick the peak of the market, sellers would all be waiting until the same time to sell, this would lead to a huge dump of supply all at the same time, and there you go: no more peak.

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