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Interest Rates On The Rise And What It Means For House Prices

After an era of low interest rates that spanned more than 10 years, everything changed in May. That is when the Reserve Bank raised the official interest rate to 0.35 per cent, up 0.25 per cent.

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The 2022 Federal Budget & What It Means For Real Estate

The expansion of the First Home Guarantee (formerly the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme) to 35,000 places a year could lead to more buyer demand in Melbourne’s sub-$600,000 market and get tenants into their first home sooner.

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Five Steps To Take To Downsize

On the property journey there are many steps: from buying your starter apartment, purchasing your freestanding “forever” home and downsizing to something comfortable and the perfect fit for empty nesters.


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Melbourne Prices Up 20% In 2021

The latest release of the Australian Bureau of Statistics Residential Property Price Index has confirmed that the value of dwellings in the city jumped 20 per cent in the 12 months ending December 31. That compares to a national performance of 23.7 per cent. 

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Melbourne Market Update

Melbourne has certainly been a good place to invest in property in the last year - with the city experiencing 15.1% annual growth according to Core Logic. And banks and analysts are seeing continued if more subdued growth for 2022.

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The Bank of Mum and Dad

The bank of mum and dad (bomad) becomes one of the biggest lenders in the country.  2021 was the year we saw property values soar to record heights. It was also the year that the so-called Bank of Mum and Dad became one of the biggest lenders in the country.  

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Revisiting The Major Changes To Victoria’s Rental Regulations

Category: Buying, Landlords, Tenants

It’s been almost one year since Victoria reformed the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 to accommodate a host of changes. We revisit the major changes to make sure rental providers are aware of their rights and responsibilities under the Act in 2022 and beyond

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How To Improve The Street Appeal Of Your Property

Street appeal is the x-factor that can have would-be buyers fall instantly in love with your property. But it’s not a mystical thing. Rather, it’s a proven strategy of ensuring the front of your home is so appealing that it stops people in their tracks and musters up feelings of instant attachment.

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Property Investment Update

While Melbourne’s rental market was one of the weaker performing of all capital cities in 2021, particularly its inner-city apartment market, there are signs that things could be set to improve in the year ahead. A reduction in rental vacancies and an uplift in the median rental figure point to a recovery ahead, something that will be aided by the resumption of international student travel.

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