Australian Architecture styles

Australian Architecture Styles

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Wandering through Melbourne’s neighbourhoods reveals a rich architectural tapestry, where each style narrates a distinct historical era. From the ornate charm of Victorian terraces to the sleek allure of mid-century homes, where does your home stand in this diverse display?

Edwardian home v2


Often used interchangeably, Edwardian and Federation styles are two sides of the same coin. Dubbed ‘Edwardian’ after King Edward’s reign between 1901-1910, its Australian counterpart is the ‘Federation’ style. Recognisable by their red brick form, artfully stained glass, and tessellated tiles, these homes are cherished today for their captivating facades and spacious verandahs, providing delightful, view-enhanced outdoor spaces.

Victorian home v2


From 1804 to 1901, Victorian homes transitioned from simplistic worker’s cottages to elaborate terraces, accentuated with ornate detailing and intricate mouldings. Their continued admiration stems from their robust construction and compart mentalised spaces, offering both privacy and elegance in modern living. Notably, Rippon Lea House in Elsternwick stands as a testament to the era’s extravagant design.

Art Deco home

Art Deco

During the 1920s and 1930s, the Art Deco wave ushered in avant-garde beauty, featuring curved facades, geometric patterns, and decorative tiles. The renewed popularity of these homes derives from their retro glamour and distinctiveness, offering homeowners an inherently stylish canvas to celebrate both nostalgic and modern arrangements. Notably, Melbourne’s Manchester Unity Building embodies this iconic style.

Mid Century Modern home

Mid-Century Modern

Popular in the 1950s and 1960s, mid-century homes championed openness, natural light, and harmony with nature. The enduring love for these modernist marvels in contemporary times is attributed to their functionality, clean lines, and vast glass expanses, aligning with a modern desire for connected indoor-outdoor spaces. A prime example is the iconic Walsh Street House in South Yarra by Robin Boyd.

Contemorary 3

Art Deco

Contemporary residences reflect the shifting demands of today’s lifestyles, embracing open, interconnected living areas and technological innovations. While these modern designs frequently stand alone, they’re also commonly merged with existing architectural styles, weaving a blend of old and new. Regardless, prioritising a balance between comfort, practicality, and polished aesthetics remains paramount.

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