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Holiday at Home

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The worst thing about holidays is undoubtedly the coming home part. Readjusting to reality and responsibilities can be tough and saying goodbye to a holiday destination is always quite frankly, a little bit sad. Unless of course, your home evokes the same relaxing vibes as a 5-star resort.

There are tips and tricks that hotel designers implement to give that luxurious feeling that resorts conjure up, and these can be mimicked in your own home to create an oasis you won’t mind returning to, even after a week-long stint in the Shangri-La.

Add a touch of luxury

Plush lounge areas are a guaranteed instalment in most hotel lobbies, inviting guests to kick back and relax in ultimate comfort.

They play an important role in resorts, as the first thing guests see when they arrive, so careful attention is paid to creating a luxurious experience. The same can be created in your own home.

Cosy lounges in neutral tones are decorated with carefully selected cushions, in various colours and textures to create depth and opulence. Embroidered throws and blankets are also beautiful additions to a lounge area and can overhaul your entire living room aesthetic to extend that holiday feeling.

Upgrading fixtures to brushed brass, gold and nickel can add an air of luxury, at a relatively reasonable price too.

Investing in some high-quality bed linen will help you recreate that same blissful sleep that you get on holidays and will update the aesthetics of your bedroom. Again, neutral colours paired with various textures will bring the hotel vibe home.

Channel the tropics

Channel the tropics with indoor plants, timber furniture and woven baskets. Plants can add a touch of timeless colour, help to purify the air, and bring elements of nature into your home.

Tropical house plants include monstera, peace lilies, tropical ferns and orchids, and they all do a great job at bringing serenity to any space. Housing them in woven baskets or neutral stone pots will help them slot perfectly into any home, giving off island vibes.

Timber furniture is a great way to channel the tall palm trees synonymous with tropical holidays. Timber dining tables, side boards, bar stools and cabinets in natural Oak, Ash or Pine will pair perfectly with greenery and neutral tones, and are both classic and hardy, so will pass the test of time.

All of these elements are representative of the natural environment, and just like a 5-star resort, they focus on bringing the outdoors inside.

Emphasis on the outdoors

When it comes to home improvement, the backyard often sits at the bottom of the priority list. But the outdoor area is worthy of attention, especially here in Australia where our summers are spent entertaining and eating BBQ dinners on balmy summer nights.

Overhaul your backyard with some well-designed landscaping, a comfortable lounge area and a feature piece like a fire pit, water feature or on the larger scale - an outdoor kitchen or plunge pool.

Creating multiple corners for lounging will allow the entire family to enjoy this space together, while relaxing in comfort. Hammocks and deck chairs are perfect for facilitating this.

Bring home some of the real thing 

On your next holiday be sure to collect a souvenir to remind you of your travels. Cultural artefacts, vases, bowls, artworks, bedding and Moroccan rugs effortlessly add an exotic curiosity to your home and bring back fond memories of holidays that you’ve enjoyed.

They can be beautiful decorative pieces and interesting conversation points. Moroccan rugs and artworks bring colour into your home, breaking through and complementing neutral interiors.

The best feature pieces are the ones with rich cultural history and interesting stories behind them, portrayed through embroidery, paintings, patterns, and colour.


Hotels and resorts are clutter free for obvious reasons - the lack of permanent residents. But emulating that same minimalism in your home has multiple benefits. It makes for increased mental clarity, and a calmer home that is easier to clean, and well organised.

Investing in clever storage solutions, and cabinetry with ample room to keep things in place and out of sight is key, as well as regularly de-cluttering and avoiding buying unnecessary things. As Marie Kondo says - only keep things that ‘spark joy’.

Implement the above elements into your home before your next getaway, and you’ll have no qualms about returning to your humble, resort-style abode.

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