Get your home ready for a winter sale

Get your home ready for a Winter sale

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During winter the number of homes on the market often dips giving savvy sellers the chance to list in a potentially quiet time. With Melbourne property prices rising by 1.6 per cent over the past three months it could also be a great time to cash in for sellers. If you’ve been thinking of selling your home there’s no need to wait for spring, in fact with less homes on the market you could end up with a better price than if you waited. Start getting your home ready today with these easy steps.

Step one: Think about first impressions

While winter isn’t the best time for gardening, curb appeal makes a big difference when selling. Take a look at the home's facade and have it looking its best. This could be as simple as tidying up, mowing the lawn and weeding the garden. It could also include pressure washing the driveway and entrance and general maintenance like painting and replacing light bulbs.

If you want to add some colour, think about adding some new plants either to the garden or in pots.

Step two: Set the temperature

During winter Melbourne’s average temperature ranges from six to 15 degrees celsius. This makes it the perfect time to showcase a home’s insulation and heating system. Buyers should walk into a home feeling warm and relieved to be out of the cold. During an open home the front and back doors are likely to be open more than usual so it might pay to have the heating up slightly higher than usual.

If the home has a fireplace now is the time to highlight it. Don’t just turn it on and forget about it. Try creating a cosy space based around the fireplace with comfortable furniture, side tables and books. Buyers will be able to imagine themselves enjoying the warmth with a good book and hot cuppa.

Step three: Showcase the outdoors

Don’t forget the outdoor spaces. While winter is generally a time to be tucked up inside, many outdoor spaces are ideal for those sunny days and some are able to be enclosed and heated for year-round use. Highlight how the outdoor entertaining area can be used during winter. Have heaters on and a firepit going (if there is one).

Step four: Declutter and clean

Homes can often become full of unused items which fill shelves, cupboards and benchtops. Clearing this off will make the home feel more open, spacious and clean. While it’s a good time to get rid of things you don’t need if you just want to clear things up for an open home, consider boxing up some items that aren’t used as often or decorative items and putting them in storage during the sale period. As a bonus this means you’ve already started the packing process for when your home does sell.

Step five: Complete any outstanding general maintenance 

Get those small jobs done now. Things like that patched wall that hasn’t been painted yet, the blown light globe or creaking door you’ve been meaning to fix but haven’t got around to, now is the time. Completing these jobs is generally quite easy and inexpensive and will make a big impact on the buyers first impressions of the home.

Step six: Think of the time for open homes

There’s less light during winter so it’s important to think about when your home is most light-filled during the day. If you can make inspections line up with this time it will ensure buyers are seeing your home at the best time possible.

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